A month of Fuji

September has come and gone and now the clocks have changed and summer is coming! I spent the last month really getting to know my new Fuji camera and after using it every single day I am a lot more comfortable with it. It is so much lighter than my canon 5D, I have been using it in aperture priory and have been using the jpeg files straight from the camera via the wireless app as it is very easy. Below are a selection of my photos from the last month. I am now embarking on a month of Watsons Bay where I live. It's fun to keep on doing projects don't you think? does anyone have any ideas for ones for the next few months? shall we go back to the old days of having flickr projects? anyone interested?

New things

My lovely husband gave me a new camera for my birthday, the Fuji xpro2 with a 35mm lens. It is a beautiful camera but it is taking me a long time to get used to it after my canon but I am determined to master it. Does anyone have this camera, any tips?? I have just finished my 365 project on flickr and am now going to do a month of Fuji, here are a few shots so far.


July went by in a flash! We spent time in England and did a cruise through the Baltics
My very talented son Harry graduated from university
My very talented daughter Alice is thriving in her new job
 Arriving into Oslo
 Tallin Estonia
 St Petersburg
 The summer palace of the Tsars at Peterhof St Petersburg
 The Stockholm Archipelago - my favourite place

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